Coaching in a cold climate

This paper builds upon previous papers such as Towards mindfulness: an holistic and spiritual model of coaching and facilitation, where I offered an alternative view of the place of health and mindfulness within a holistic coaching and facilitation relationship in the workplace.

It seems to me that coaching and facilitation has not moved very far in the last 30 years. I would venture that it is currently stuck in the mud of modernity and suffers from all the ailments that currently plagued our society. Coaching a team or facilitating a group is generally still a directive exercise where the recipients are ‘trained’, ‘educated’ or ‘instructed’ by a person Continue reading

A guide to being in Gestalt groups

The foundation of Gestalt practice is awareness, which is essentially mindfulness: paying attention to the present moment; noticing what’s going on inside you, and around you in the environment outside yourself; being aware of your thought processes, feelings and bodily responses, and being sensitive to those of others.

While there are no rules or expectations for Gestalt groups, there are some basic principles that it’s helpful to have an understanding of. If you endeavour to put these into practice, this will ensure you get the most from the experience, for the benefit of yourself as well as your fellow group members.  Continue reading

Endless watching

Have you ever actually looked at yourself? You can look at yourself in a mirror and see a reflection of your face. Do you notice how brief that actual looking is before we spot a blemish or wrinkle that requires investigation? The thoughts come rushing into mind and they are usually negative. Why are we so self critical? Why do we not just see the face without this wall of judgements issued by the self and towards the self?

Moving away from the mirror and resting my attention in the room, I see the walls, the lamp, the chair, and hear the noise of the world outside the window, distantly. I look, I simply look. What do I see? The objects around my room, which I view one after another. Continue reading