Can love be cultivated?

Today I considered the question of what love is and our blocks to connecting with it. 

There is always talk of love, thousands of love songs, I love you, I love this type of food, I love this shirt, etc, but what does it all mean? Isn’t this type of love partial and limited? I may love this song today and a different song tomorrow, I may get fed up with chicken vindaloo and try something else. I may have been madly in love with you last month, but now you have turned away from me, and so my love for you is diminishing. Is this really what love is? 

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Coaching in a cold climate

This paper builds upon previous papers such as Towards mindfulness: an holistic and spiritual model of coaching and facilitation, where I offered an alternative view of the place of health and mindfulness within a holistic coaching and facilitation relationship in the workplace.

It seems to me that coaching and facilitation has not moved very far in the last 30 years. I would venture that it is currently stuck in the mud of modernity and suffers from all the ailments that currently plagued our society. Coaching a team or facilitating a group is generally still a directive exercise where the recipients are ‘trained’, ‘educated’ or ‘instructed’ by a person Continue reading