I have often reflected on what constitutes effective and high quality coaching, what is it for, what is achieved, and also in whose interest is the coaching aimed. Having spoken with numerous coaches and leaders, I’ve come to two basic conclusions on the subject. Firstly, that the answer is as unique and idiosyncratic as the individuals who offer it, and secondly, that there is very little consensus on the overall direction of coaching.

So, what does this mean to me?  That coaching per se cannot simple be limited to the aspirations of the client, nor in the limited interests of the paymasters within the workplace. It must have a higher ambition than that. However, that doesn’t mean the individual or the business will not get their money’s worth, but rather, they will get results which are unexpected, truly outside the box and life/business enhancing.

As Krishnamurti, a very wise man, once said, “the truth is a pathless land”, and to me a good coach must walk beside you and facilitate a process where you go beyond the known approaches and into the fertile void of the unknown, in order to allow the unexpected to creep, crawl, flash or thunder in.