Discover your potential for personal growth

David Burford, Gestalt Coaching & Facilitation

I provide coaching for individuals and groups at my private practice in Rugeley, Staffordshire. Whether you choose one-to-one coaching or prefer a group experience, you’ll be entering into a relationship where you will be supported and challenged as you explore and develop your potential.

My approach is based on Gestalt therapy, a form of humanistic psychotherapy that was originally conceived in the mid-twentieth century by Fritz Perls. As its far-reaching therapeutic benefits became widely recognised, Gestalt theory was adopted as a model for coaching as well as for consulting within organisations. Here in the UK, it has been applied with great success in many high profile organisations, helping to raise awareness to issues, foster mutual understanding and cooperation, manage change, and enable individuals, teams and companies to achieve their goals.

Discovering your potential is not for the faint-hearted. Through a Gestalt approach you will begin to work on the parts of your personality that are currently underdeveloped or unrecognised. For some, this could be assertiveness, while for others, the development of emotional intelligence and empathic understanding may be an area of focus. Others still, may care to unpack how their spiritual awareness informs their family dynamic and their relationships with colleagues, or what benefits it can bring to business development. In many ways, blind spots within the self can limit individual potential, in the same manner that blind spots within a management team can restrict business potential.